Coconut Millet Pudding

Just tried this tonight! We all loved it. Let us know what you think! Modification notes are at the bottom.

milletpuddingIngredients: 3 tb organic butter or organic unrefined coconut oil 1 1/2 C organic whole millet 6 C milk (we used 3C coconut milk and 3C of Straus Family Creamery whole organic milk) 1/2 C ZSweet or erythritol 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 organic vanilla bean, halved and cleaned (only add beans – interior – to mixture) 3 tsp sea salt 1 tb ground cinnamon 1 tb ground nutmeg 1 C organic raisins 1/2 C organic dried coconut flakes

Process: 1) Heat butter/oil, add all milk, heat until steaming 2) Add erythritol, spices, vanilla/vanilla bean 3) add millet and coconut 4) simmer on very low heat for about 25 minutes 5) add raisins toward end 6) remove from heat when millet is tender


When I make this next time I’m going to use only 1C of millet to make the pudding saucier. It’s soaking up all of the milk now. Also, this is a tremendously simple recipe to make vegan. Leave out the raisins and garnish with toasted or raw almonds to make totally sugar-free. It’s a great source of completely whole grains. Let us know if you like it! We can’t wait to have it for breakfast!

This article is related, about ancient grains and gluten-sensitive people such as myself.

— Audra {Max’s Momma}

Printable Recipe Card:

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