About the Fierce Foods Academy Recipe Index

The Fierce Foods Academy Recipe Index is Maxlove Project’s recipe blog.

The Fierce Foods Academy is MaxLove Project’s integrative nutrition program.  Max’s family started MaxLove Project to share some of the things that are really helping Max get through treatment with other families fighting childhood cancers.  One of the most amazing aspects of Max’s treatment has been the diet therapy implemented by his parents, using a wide variety of resources adapted from the adult cancer world.

We’re hoping to provide insight into the struggles and triumphs we’ve encountered while fighting cancer other “bad guys”.  In addition, we’re keenly aware of the hope and empowerment that comes with using naturally occurring cancer-fighting superfoods to promote healing and assist is successfully managing the side effects of conventional therapy. This blog documents our journey into this uncharted and often confusing territory.  We are real people struggling with different challenges, but united in our commitment to find a better and healthier way to live, prosper, and thrive.  We are not experts but we take an evidence-based approached backed by an amazing team of medical experts. Don’t quote us, but feel free to ask a health professional about what we’re talking about.  We’re opening a window into our learning process.  Thanks for joining us!

Our Fierce Foods Philosophy

1.  Nutrient-density is our defining principle. Our food is our medicine and our fuel and should contain the most “bang for the buck” so to speak. We aim to get the most out of our foods, eating as many superpowered foods as possible and reducing the empty calories as much as possible.

2. High blood sugar is correlated with worse cancer-related outcomes. When we limit sugar and refined carbohydrates we lower blood sugar.

3. Higher levels of inflammation are correlated with worse cancer-related outcomes. When we eat a diet that is high in vegetables, low-glycemic fruit, and organic, pasture-raised meat and fish, we can decrease signs of inflammation in the body.

4. The strength of one’s immune system is “the strongest prognostic factor for recurrence and overall survival.” A diet rich in nutrient-dense vegetables and fruits as well as organic, pasture-raised meat, fish, and dairy and low in sugar and refined carbohydrates, contributes to a strong immune system.

5. It doesn’t matter how healthy it is if kids won’t eat it. MaxLove Project is dedicated to making anticancer nutrition and cooking accessible and practical for whole families fighting childhood cancer.

In support of these principles, we’ve developed the Fierce Foods Academy, a collection of programs and resources for families:

  • Fierce Foodies Support Network, an online support group for parents of children fighting cancer,
  • Video-based nutrition health coaching,
  • We fund consultations with certified nutritionists who specialize in anticancer nutrition.
  • Educational and practical resources for parents and kids to use together
  • Kid-focused cooking classes (offered in southern California).

With Fierce Foods on our plates may we all thrive against cancer and other bad guys!
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Our Sandbox 

  • People survive the diseases we’re fighting every day without making any dietary changes.  Do not feel bad if this is overwhelming!  That’s why we’re doing this — to make these positive dietary changes accessible and to show that it’s not always easy, but sometimes it actually is.
  • We do not disparage any one food, save for refined sugar and maybe fast foods in general.  Listening to and knowing your body is big for us.
  • We will do our best to cite all resources.
  • Take what you will, leave what you won’t.  We’re not dogmatic, we’re reasonable. We ask the same of our readers.  If you have an extreme view, that’s wonderful if it works for you, but please refrain from imposing that on the rest of us. This being said, comments are moderated.
  • We will recommend pre-prepared food that have worked for us.  As working families we don’t have time to prepare every single condiment from scratch, so we use some amazing shortcuts that we’ll happily recommend to our readers.
  • Be generous and don’t judge — we’re stewards of a safe space for learning and growing.

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